Photography Courtesy of Christina Del

Q: How do I start, What should I do first?

A: CLICK this link and give us some info on how to get you into your first class.

Q: How do I sign up?

A: Whether you'd like to drop into a class or sign up for training, click this link and get it taken care of online. If you ever have any trouble or questions, don't hesitate to contact us:

Q: I have zero experience. When Should I come?

A: Any weeknight classes are great for beginners. Complete the contact page and get on the mats! 

Q: Do you have women training?

A: We have a lot of ladies training! Our gym is great for mixed training. We have a great, welcoming group.

Q: Do you have class for kids?

A: Registration is coming soon! Feel free to contact us with any questions.

Q: What should I wear?

A1: For most classes a Gi (aka; kimono or uniform)is mandatory. This can be purchased directly from our academy as well as several resources online. 

A2: For NOGI classes appropriate shorts with t-shirt or rash guard.

Note: Appropriate sport equipment is required for training at all times.

Q: Do I have to wear a Gi / uniform?

A: You don't have to wear a Gi for the NOGI class or your first/trial class(es). You will need a Gi to participate in regular training classes. 

Q: Do I have to spar?

A: You can spar when you are ready, usually when your instructor has given you a complete rundown on what to expect, how and when to 'tap', etc.

Q: What is sparring?

A: Live drilling and training of technical moves, including positions and submissions in a sport like format. 

Q: How do the belts work? 

A: Adult belts:  Approximately 60 classes per stripe (aka; degree) - 4 PER BELT FOR ADULTS

  • WHITE BELT: You put on a Gi and you are a white belt. Learn the fundamentals and get your bearings.
  • BLUE BELT: You've trained approximately 1 year and have a good grasp on fundamentals. You may have chosen to compete gaining experience under pressure. If you have no interest in competing, you've been a consistent student and learned a lot about jiujitsu positions, submissions and how to negotiate the game.
  • PURPLE BELT: You've made an incredible investment in your training. You likely have trained for many years (3+) You have experience now and know a lot about JiuJitsu as a martial art, sport, culture and lifestyle. You can begin to hone your knowledge into a style of your own and definitely have considered whether or not you are interested in competition. 
  • BROWN BELT: Likely 5+ years on the mat. You're undoubtedly a wealth of knowledge. You have respect for higher and lower ranks and get it back on and off the mats. You're a salty dog and people want to last as long as you on their BJJ path. 
  • BLACK BELT: Wow! Congratulations, you've dedicated a major portion of your life to your passion. You are to be commended. You may or may not teach. Everyone avoids you on the mat as they're sure you'll crush them. You are now the role model. Don't stop training! Now is when you can truly begin your learning path in your jiujitsu life. 
  • RED/BLACK 'CORAL' BELT MASTER: Listen to this guy. He will tell you stories and share wisdom. He knows all the versions of the game and will help you in any way he can. This is like having this chance to learn from your grandparents. If you give them time and listen very well, they will hand you all they have learned.
  • RED BELT GRAND MASTER: Legendary accomplishment. There will be the fewest of this rank. The ultimate rank achievement in our martial art. Wisdom and patience, this person like still gets on the mat but they may be too broken to roll like they used to. Give them patience and try to get as many pearls of wisdom as they are willing to share.